“We all have the ability to impact the lives of others simply by the example of the life we live. Our actions speak louder and will last longer than any of our words.
No matter how long or short my encounter is with anyone, when we part, we will both be better people for having met.”
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Wiping the Slate Clean

It is not unusual to feel lost at some point in your life. We have all felt that way at one time or another. There are certain events in life such as the perfect storm that inevitably leads many of us to this predicament, and leave us feeling precisely this way: the death of a friend or family member has certainly left many lost in its wake.

Oh, Monday Mornings

I woke up on Monday morning, and before I got out of bed, I lay there thinking of all the things on my to- do list. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the only thing I had scheduled was an appointment later in the afternoon.

The Surprise Birthday Party

My husband Andrew’s 39th birthday was right around the corner. My reputation precedes me, as I am known for being lots of fun, rather unpredictable, but never ever boring. I personally take this as a compliment and work very hard to continue to earn this at every chance I get. I’ve gotten used to…

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A collection of vignettes about how each meeting and separation with four beloved friends impressed my soul with unforgettable wisdom.

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Living a Life of Giving Back

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As a motivational speaker and podcast host for Biogen, Cathy traveled the country speaking to patients with multiple sclerosis about the future and present treatments available.

red cross award

Cathy and her dog Hollywood recieved the American Red Cross True Life Hero Award and the Hartford Hospital Volunteer of the Year Award for their work visiting patients. 

national council of jewish women

Cathy recieved the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Jewish Women Association for her work with Meals on Wheels and performing roadshows for young chemo therapy patients.

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Cathy was interviewed on ESPN for her work as a speaker with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, inspiring people to overcome their unfortunate circumstances.


Inspiring Others to be the Best Version of Themselves


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2 days ago

Cathy Tolk

Today's message is a riddle. Don’t cheat!
What gift keeps giving? Is as hard to give as receive. And the last clue, the value of both is equal.
Stop reading now, and think for a moment. *************************The answer is.
We all make mistakes! If you are genuinely sorry, learned a lesson, and made amends, it’s time to move on. Whether or not your apology is accepted is up to them. The trickery part is forgiving yourself.

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