“We all have the ability to impact the lives of others simply by the example of the life we live. Our actions speak louder and will last longer than any of our words.
No matter how long or short my encounter is with anyone, when we part, we will both be better people for having met.”
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Navigating the Teenage Years

Navigating the teenage years is no easy task. Where did the time go? It feels like yesterday you were teaching them to walk and talk. As soon as they mastered both skills, we held our breath every time they talked and chased after them when they walked/ran away.

A Promise is a Promise

Blog spoiler alert! This story is unlike any other I’ve told. I can tell you many of the details leading up to this remain unbelievable. And it happened to me 40 years ago. I stand behind my actions and have learned to live with the outcome. But the totality of this journey is still a mystery to me.

Thanksgiving Blessings

It’s that time of year again. Is it just me, or does it feel like that “time” comes quicker every year? I love the traditions of the season, the memories and the gathering of family. While I was sitting down making lists of everyone’s favorite foods, I realize the recipes for those dishes have been passed down from generation…

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A collection of vignettes about how each meeting and separation with four beloved friends impressed my soul with unforgettable wisdom.

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Living a Life of Giving Back

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As a motivational speaker and podcast host for Biogen, Cathy traveled the country speaking to patients with multiple sclerosis about the future and present treatments available.

red cross award

Cathy and her dog Hollywood recieved the American Red Cross True Life Hero Award and the Hartford Hospital Volunteer of the Year Award for their work visiting patients. 

national council of jewish women

Cathy recieved the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Jewish Women Association for her work with Meals on Wheels and performing roadshows for young chemo therapy patients.

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Cathy was interviewed on ESPN for her work as a speaker with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, inspiring people to overcome their unfortunate circumstances.


Inspiring Others to be the Best Version of Themselves


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3 hours ago

Cathy Tolk

Spoiler alert! This has nothing to do with money, that would be too easy 🙅‍💵

Time to do a life audit. What’s the balance in your savings account? Are you living within your means, or are you spending more assets than you have?

Regardless of your religious affiliations, and beliefs, tithing is universally taught and encouraged. As generous as your heart wants to be, you can not give what you do not have.

Budget your time, love and fellowship. These riches are immune to the all mighty dollar. They can only be paid with your presence and a caring heart 💗https://buff.ly/2LWwSaR

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3 days ago

Cathy Tolk

Your bodies are fully equipped with all you need. 🙏💕

By now we have all heard the expression, “Two heads are better than one.” Well, we each arrived with one of those. A mouth, for kissing loved ones, words of encouragement, and perfectly designed for a smile. That simple gesture can make someone day.

We have two shoulders. Offer one to anyone who needs one to cry on. Use the other to offer support, and rebalance someone’s when life gets a bit topsy-turvy. And never underestimate the power of your two hands. Whether they are clapping, cooking or cuddling, hands are the way to reach out and touch someone.

Don’t be stingy, I have never met a person that has had too many hugs 🤗 buff.ly/2LWwSaR

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