the wisdom left behind
A collection of vignettes about how each meeting and separation with four beloved friends impressed my soul with unforgettable wisdom.
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Stay tuned for Cathy’s upcoming book as she describes the hardships and trials of being separated from her son during the war in Afganistan and Iraq.


Cathy Tolk lives in Avon Connecticut with her husband of thirty seven years Andrew. Together they raised 4 children, all boys. She wanted to consciously live her life and knew a written plan was important to achieve her goals, so 36 years ago she wrote her personal mission statement. She stands behind these words today as much as the day she wrote them. “No matter how long or short my encounter is with anyone, when we part, we will both be better people for having met.” She repeats it every night before she goes to bed and every morning when she wakes.

She’s quick to remind everyone her life has had all the ups and downs any full life has. And in the face of her personal unforeseen circumstance of being diagnosed with MS in 1995 she once again reflected on what was really important in her life.

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Memories from Halloweens Past

We went to sunny California to celebrate my son Adam’s 43rd birthday. I have no idea how that happened. No, wait, I know how THAT happened, and I’m going on record right now by saying, “ It wasn’t my fault.” Really, that’s the truth. I’m not kidding! I had only been married six months, still a blushing bride, when I found out I was pregnant. I was one of many a casualty of IUD malfunction.

Why Grandchildren Light Up My Life

My six-year-old grandson Jackson came bursting into my bedroom after sleeping over early Sunday morning. Unlike his grandmother who wakes up slowly, he inherited his grandfather’s biological clock, and from the moment he opens his eyes, he hits the ground running.

A November to Remember

November is a very prolific month in our family. Upon the birth of my fourth son born in November, the doctor casually asked my husband during my…